A Yami no Matsuei RP

" Those that live in darkness wander aimlessly..."

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Sayonara de Love Me: A Yami no Matsuei RP
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Sayonara de Love Me: A Yami no Matsuei RP


Just business as usual in Meifu. Experimentations on Shokan Division workers, killer copier machines, poisioned coffee, papercuts, and stale doughnuts. The occasional case, but nothing big. In the months past Kyoto, it seems like nothing much has changed.

But how long do you expect that to last?

Muraki's return back onto the scene is preceded with Tsuzuki acting and behaving very oddly, much to the concern of his partner. Things begin to escalate, and once again, the lives of the Shinigami are plunged into an all-out hell. May the story commence...


-Just canon characters, no OCs allowed
-A canon character must create a livejournal account for their character, this main RP community will be used for announcements and the main storyline.
-As soon as we can get two people assigned, we're good to go.
-The storyline can go wherever it wants, no-holds barred
-NO OOCness!!
-No pairings unless permission is granted from two RP partners.
-All RPing will be done on this community.

-Pairings currently desired:


Characters Taken:

-Asato Tsuzuki yami_no_tsuzuki

-Hisoka Kurosaki (kurosaki_koi) chibi_soka

-Tatsumi Seiichirou (twilight_eden) tatsumi_s

-Watari Yutaka (kyokutou) yutaka_kun

-Muraki Kazutaka (nayamashiimigot) infernalhealer

-Mibu Oriya love_my_pipe

-Chief Konoe (black rose owl) konoe_kacho

-Hijiri Minase (ildreen_love) cool_violinist

-Fukiya Yuma/Torii Saya (kyokutou) torri_saya, pinkhousegirl

-Kannuki Wakaba (kurosaki_koi) kannuki_kun

Characters Needed to be Claimed:

-Hajime Terazuma
-The Shikigami

Enjoy, and have fun! ^.^

marakai_rurouni and leita_dragoon thank you so much for a great time! Tsuzuki and Hisoka spurred all of us to write our best and you will both be sorely missed!

For more information on Yami no Matsuei, the anime/manga that yami_sayanara is based off of, please visit Winkipedia.org.

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