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Good bye

So, after ages of waiting for someone, anyone to post here, I've given up.
I'm giving away this accout to a friend and unless some miracle happens, I won't post here anymore. I had lots of fun before, but seems that ever since marakai left things aren't working anymore.
Thanks to all who tried keeping this RP alive.
Anais, aka ildreen_love

Back at the office...

Wakaba felt bad about leaving the others without even a decent explanation, however if Tatsumi discovered that she had been out on a case on her own, she would be in a lot of trouble. So, after getting a good distance away from prying eyes, she had jumped back to JouOhCho.

Tucking a bit of fly away hair behind her ear, Wakaba dashed into the office, making her way to the office she shared with Hajime. Not even bothering to knock (which wasn't like her at all) she hurried in. "Hajime-kun!" she panted...to no one. "K'sou...where is he?" she wondered aloud, eying the partner-less room.

(small post, gomen, having to be speedy!)
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Continuing the plot

OOC: Taking from what Hisoka said, here:


Hijiri stood there, silently watching how Wakaba explained the situation and the shinigami made a plan of action. He listened carefully to everything that was said and watched everyone reactions, however, none of that answered his main question: What was he supposed to do now? 

True, he had said he wouldn't get in the way, but after hearing about those murders, was he supposed to just go home and do his homework? Wait until the next time he ran into one of the shinigami's? 

Then, before he could ask, Hisoka left, and Wakaba left, and the others discussed what to do next and he was left aside, wondering if anyone still remembered he was there and, whether he wanted to admit it or not, the thought of some scary murderer that could still be in the mall made him really nervous. Really.

"Tzu... Tzusuki?" he asked tentatively and was surprised at how low his own voice had came out. He moved closer to the amethyst eyed shinigami and tried again. "Tzusuki?"
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Scooby Doo, where are you?

Hello there!

Is anyone out there?!
It's been a long time since anyone posted, and Hijiri has nothing to do if no one else is there!
 ;_; I feel abandoned... lol
Seriously, where's everyone? I hope life hasn't kept you as busy as me ^^ and that I'll talk to some of you (or all) soon.
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sorry i haven't checked in in awhile. >>; i'm glad to see that you want my oriya-ness. oh yes. i'm so hawt. ;3 anyways, i'll slip into RP as much as possible, but there's very little that can be done with oriya, without muraki being involved. soooo .. we'll see!

Continuation of Tatsumi and Watari's lunch

With a smile Watari finished his meal. It was surprisingly good, but what he was most pleased about was the fact that he and Tatsumi had managed to have a nice conversation. He took a small sip of the sake on the table then looked up at his companion tucking his hair behind his ear again.

"This was wonderful, Tatsumi." He hadn't enjoyed himself this much in a long time. It surprised him slightly that it had been with Tatsumi, but that just made it all the better. For now he'd simply enjoy the moments he'd been given.
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The Mall (Part II)

(Yup, we're continuing guys, look lively!)

Wakaba turned her head, looking back toward the way she had come. I hope Saaya and Hijiri are doing okay! she thought with a smirk. It was clear Saaya was head-over-heels for Hijiri, in fact, it was just as obvious to see as Hijiri's love for Tsuzuki. All these people falling for each other, kind of makes me feel left out.

"Next! Dear, you're next.." a woman's voice called out from behind the counter in front of the shinigami. Jumping Wakaba quickly turned around, bowing in apology. "Oh, I'm sorry...I wasn't paying attention." Giving the girl a warm smile she ordered the sweets, fishing in her purse for some money.

Having paid for the ice cream she headed back, wondering how exactly she could get Hijiri's mind off Tsuzuki and on Saaya. And that was when she sensed it. A darkness, a sense of foreboding. Eyes narrowed she changed her course again, this time heading for a long hallway in the corner. As Wakaba approached the feeling got stronger. What's going on here? she wondered, silently slipping into spirit form. If something really was wrong, now no one would see her and associate her with the crime.

She raced down the hallway, trying to pin point the feeling. Managing to trace it to the second to the last doorway she stopped. The sign by the door read 'Cold Storage - Do Not Enter'. Oh well, they'll never know I was here. With that she hopped into the room.

It was a good thing that she was dead, and had been so for a while. Being such she was used to being around dead beings, and she knew the brutality of death. It was a very good thing considering the sight that met her eyes. Kind eyes widened in shock at the scene as she backed out of the room, raced down the hallway, and tailed it back to the arcade.

(WOOT. Okay guys, take it away!)
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Erm hi?

Ah I guess I have to make an introduction, yes? Well...I'm Tsuzuki, aka Caoilte (Cao pronounced KAYO! *chuckles*) and I...have no idea what to say. I'm very shy IRL and online, but I do love to RP. I consider myself hardcore in fact LOL. You can never RP enough ;) in my opinion.

Anyway, about me as a person, I live in Scotland, but am Canadian by birth. Only moved back to the UK couple of years ago and am now finishing my degree here. Only 2.5 more years to go! Yay! *coughs* Erm..what else. I run a few RPGs of my own, both here and on GreatestJournal, and I have an RPG forum (tho it's very nearly dead, if not very actually dead...;)).

Anything else I should add? *worries*

*mutters something about needing to make/find icons*
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Hello everyone!

Hi all, this is a friendly reminder to add love_my_pipe, yami_no_tsuzuki, and infernalhealer to your friends lists!

Also, Oriya/Tsuzuki please feel free to post introduction posts for yourselves. Sure we're RPGer's but we're also friends and we want to know more about you, the player! And please don't forget to add the character journals to your character journal! If you don't know who's who or which is character and which isn't, the info page has all the journals listed ^__^

Thanks and have fun guys!
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